Z-DELPHI Ver 2001 for Windows
Z-DELPHI for Windows is a complete package that meets all of the requirements for the supplier to start doing business right away. We designed this software with the Delphi client in mind. Z-Delphi can provide you with all of the basic documents needed to get you started doing business with Delphi using the new Vega Specifications. All of your documents that you require are included in the pacakage; the DELFOR, DELJIT and a fully dynamic Windows interface for the DESADV.

As a Delphi supplier you CAN purchase our software!!!

Full with the EDIFACT standard.
Full DESADV functionality with Data input screen.
Fully integrated with EDI Asset ver 5.2.4
Unattended operation functionality.
Complete Report functionality, DESADV, DELFOR and DELJIT.
Complete barcode functionality. Generate barcodes with ease and speed.